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Desktop Videoconferencing

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Don’t have equipment for videoconferencing in the classroom?
Desktop videoconferencing MAY be the answer!

What is Desktop Videoconferencing?
Desktop videoconferencing is the next generation of videoconferencing technologies. As the content and resources available via videoconferencing continues to grow, and people become more mobile, the technology is working to keep pace with the global environment. Desktop videoconferencing is a software-based application, and with a projector/TV, an eyeball camera, and a speaker/microphone, turns a typical desktop computer into a videoconferencing system for the classroom.

Live. Engaging. Experts.
Bringing live, exciting, engaging, and interactive content directly to your classroom via videoconferencing has never been easier or less costly!  Connect2Texas can help those schools that do not have the traditional videoconferencing equipment with access to museums, zoos, authors, and cultural, historical, and scientific organizations via a desktop videoconferencing system for NO ADDITIONAL COST! (Program fees still apply.)

Increase Access
Even facilities with limited funds, technology, and technical support can bring these valuable lessons, experts, and resources to the classroom. Desktop videoconferencing is a perfect solution for

  • Private schools
  • Home schools
  • Libraries
  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • Schools with limited technology budgets

Some desktop videoconferencing programs that are "closed networks" are NOT compatible with Connect2Texas including Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Adobe Connect.

For questions and testing contact Lori Hamm-Neckar at or (817)740-7516.

With broadband Internet, it’s easy and inexpensive to bring videoconferencing to your classroom! Desktop videoconferencing uses an eyeball camera,
a speaker/microphone and a computer connected to a TV or projector to bring the world to your classroom

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